With the same no-nonsense looks and rugged strength of theTuffAnt Orginal we love, Gen 2 is bringing the TuffAnt Steelie back ... and it's better than ever.  Whether you have a LR3, LR4, or D5*, we have you covered with two offsets to choose from (*special fitment note for the D5 below).


Offset ET44 is perfect for LR3 and LR4.

Offset ET27 has a wider stance and great caliper clearance making it a great fit for more vehicles including the LR3, LR4, L320 and even some Discovery 5 vehicles, (just be sure to contact us with your brake package first before ordering)


- Weight: 41.5lbs

- Load Rating: 2205lbs

- Offset: ET27 or ET44

- Size: 18" x 8"


Colour choices include:

- Black Satin (Powder Coated)

- Anthracite (Limited Edition)



This is a pretty important section, so to avoid disappointment of ordering the wrong wheels, please check your car model and year.

-  Offset ET44 will fit the LR3 and LR4, 

-  Offset ET27 Steelie will fit the D5 excluding SD6 for MY19 and MY20*


*If you have the brilliant SD6 version of the D5 (MY19 & MY20), don't worry, we have you covered with the TuffAnt Alloys which will be coming soon. They look great, perform great, and importantly, fit your car!



- TuffAnt Steelies

- 22mm Hex Chrome Wheel Nuts

- TuffAnt Wheel Caps



TuffAnt Steelies

    1. Wash regularly. Getting dirty is fun, but keep your wheels happy by washing regularly, particularly after a beach run.
    2. Use running water, soap foam, but no chemical cleaners.
    3. Keep it smooth folks, no abrasives here. Use wheel mits or wheel cleaning brushes, just please dont use scourers or other abrasive materials.
    4. Dry off with a chamois or soft cloth.
  • Want to store your wheels and keep them in perfect condition for your next trip or next winter?  Easy, just be sure to keep inside protected from the elements. Remember these are steel, so left outside they can begin to get surface rust.

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