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The much-anticipated TuffAnt Kimberley is almost here!


Named after the one of the world's oldest and largest landscapes, the Kimberley, located in the far north-west of Australia. The Kimberley is an extraordinary region, which also happens to be home to some of Australia's greatest 4WD adventures.


TuffAnt Kimberley is our strongest wheel ever. Coming in at a light 30.2lbs, it punches well above its weight with a phenomenal 3307lbs load rating!! This wheel is designed to go places and look good while doing it.



Set of 5 - $2050  SALE PRICE >>>>   $1845 (plus freight)

Set of 6 - $2448  SALE PRICE >>>>   $2203.20 (plus freight)



- Weight: 30.2lbs

- Load Rating: 3307lbs

- Offset: ET29

- Size: 18" x 8"


Colour choices include Black Satin, Smoked Grey, and Bronze.


Price is for a Set of TuffAnt Kimberley alloys (wheel caps and nuts are not included. Factory supplied nuts and caps will fit these wheels)


TuffAnt Kimberley Set of 5 or 6

$2,050.00 Regular Price
$1,845.00Sale Price
    1. Wash regularly. Getting dirty is fun, but keep your wheels happy by washing regularly, particularly after a beach run.
    2. Use running water, soap foam, but no chemical cleaners.
    3. Keep it smooth folks, no abrasives here. Use wheel mits or wheel cleaning brushes, just please dont use scourers or other abrasive materials.
    4. Dry off with a chamois or soft cloth.