Fitment Guide


Recommending which tire you buy is something that really is an impossible task.  What suits a family touring up the beach or their local parks each weekend versus someone doing a retirement trip and tackling a coast to coast Transamerica adventure is completely different,  Road noise, tire clearance, price, LT rating, the list goes on, and the final choice is always a subjective one.


What we can do is give some known feedback about suitable tire size for the LR4.  The following table is meant as a GUIDE ONLY and provides no guarantee for any size, brand or suitability.  This information is gained from personal experiences, feedback and information provided in online discussions.  Remember, the overall actual size will even vary between different brands, so it's important to get the latest information direct from the tire supplier or outlet in your area.  Manufacturers generally supply very detailed tire information about sizes, as well as loadings, etc and it's important to understand all of those items when making any tire choice.

If you find ANY information that is different from the table below, please let us know at and we will update the table accordingly.  We hope this information is useful in making just one of the steps for your TuffAnt 18's tire choice.


The best option is the purchase of a TPMS sensor band style mount with the ET44.  At this moment we do not offer this product, nor have we used a set. If you have any questions please contact us at  All tire installation shops should have access as well as there are many resources online to buy sets.  It's a simple large band clamp with a steal mount that your factory sensor mounts too.