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All New Discovery


The New Discovery (Discovery 5) differs from the previous L319 or LR4 in two key areas.


A good step forward for the New Discovery is that the factory offset is reduced from the previous model. With the standard factory 19", the offset has reduced from ET53 to ET39.  This reduction does two things;  Firstly, the lower offset means the load is closer to the vertical centre of the wheel, which means the load is more evenly distributed.  Secondly, for steel wheels, this means clearance can be increased when the wheel is moved more outboard.  



All D5 TD6 and SCV6 can mount the alloy Kimberley and Simpson ET27..


With the introduction of the 2021 P360 powerplant the D5 brakes changed again.  The P360 D5 will not fit 18" alloy or steel.  Unfortunately the P360 Discovery5 will need several parts to be changed front and rear to allow for 18's to be mounted.  All D5 TD6 and SCV6 can mount the alloy models.  


For Steel wheel check for fitment by reviewing the photos below and checking for the stamping on the rear TRW calipers.  If your front caliper is the larger Brembo 4Pot and looks like picture #1, the steel wheel will not fit, but the alloy will.    If you see a front caliper similar to picture #2, verify your rear caliper as follows.  You should be able to clearly see the marking 4999/C (Left side) and 5000/C (Right side) as shown below.  These calipers were found primarily on the TD6 diesel.

D5 2017.jpg
4999 crop (Large).jpg
5000c crop (Large).jpg


In addition to the new design, we have made improvements in the manufacturing process to reduce run-out and to make balancing a little easier. All part of the TuffAnt philosophy of providing the best possible product we can bring to market.

When fitted correctly, the 
TuffAnt MKII 18's are designed to ensure they are legal in all states of Australia. 

As with the Original TuffAnt 18's, the MKII wheels are fabricated from high strength steel, which is then machine pressed, machine welded plus then powder coated in black to provide a wheel that is rated at 1000kg each. 

Note:  All Discovery 5's delivered in Australia only have tyre placards for 19" rims and above.  (Discovery 4 is 17" and above) It is TuffAnts understanding that as long as the overall diameter of the wheel and tyre combination is within state regulations, as well as the offset is not exceed by more than 25mm overall (varies in different states), you may need to check with your motor vehicle insurance company to ensure there are no issues with your motor vehicle insurance policy.

Whilst TuffAnt sells these rims as compliant in all states of Australia, it takes no responsibility for individual warranty or insurance issues for their use.

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